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50 Game-Changing Guitar Tips in 10 Minutes

I took on an interesting challenge this week. I asked myself, if I had only 10 minutes with a student and would never meet with them again; what wisdom would I share with them from my guitar journey that would have a lasting impact on their playing?

That question inspired me to make one of my most ambitious videos to date. It is jam packed with game-changing advice that I have curated from years of study and work as a professional classical guitarist and teacher.

From practice tips and technique, to how to accomplish your musical goals and avoid burnout; there’s so much good stuff in here. 

After watching this video today, you’re going to walk away with some ideas that will truly transform your playing. And to make things interesting, you get to pull back the curtain and watch it all through a day in my life! Leave a comment below letting me know which tip(s) resonated with you most.

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