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Ear Training 101: How To Identify Chords By Ear (Part 2)

Believe it or not, there is a method to the madness that is ear training. You don’t have to rely entirely on your ear to figure out what notes you’re hearing. In fact, like we established in my last video, with just a little bit of music theory and trial and error, you can figure out an entire chord from just one note!

We’ve established that, to make your own classical or fingerstyle guitar arrangements, you need to be able to identify notes and chords by ear. That’s why I decided to kick off this 3-part Ear Training 101 series for you guys.

If you missed Part 1, you’ll want to catch up on that here, because it introduces the chord identification method that we’re building on today. Today’s video answers all the unanswered questions from Part 1, showing you how to identify every single chord that shares the same bass note.

That way, once you figure out the bass note of the chord you’re listening to, you know every possible chord option that you can test out with your ear to see which fits.

This method was a game-changer for me, so don’t sleep on this! Trust me, I know that ear training and music theory aren’t the most exciting things in the world. That’s why I boil each down to the essentials, and only teach you the good stuff that’s super practical and important.

What’s your favorite chord, and why? Let me know in a comment below!

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