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Guided Guitar Practice Session: Slow Warm-Up

Follow along with the Warm-Up sheet music / tabs PDF

Today, I want you to practice along with me!

I'm going to guide you through a practice session with this free warm-up routine for classical guitar.

Practice time: 15 minutes

This classical guitar warm up routine is designed to help you warm up gradually and slowly, while staying as relaxed as possible. You're going to be focused on every detail of your movements within these various techniques, while releasing any tension that starts to creep up in your fingers, hands, shoulders, face, etc.

Think of this like a guided guitar meditation.

I'll be giving you cues and instructions as we run through scales, finger independence exercises, hammer-on's and pull-off's, arpeggios, and tremolo exercises - and I'll be reminding you to stay relaxed all along the way!

These classical guitar warm up exercises are going to help you be more relaxed, more focused, and more precise in your playing. And you can come back and run through this with me again, whenever you like. Let's get started!


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