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How To Play Guitar Beautifully

Late-night scale practice… slaving over the metronome… moments where we’d rather bash the guitar against a wall than do one more slur exercise…

Why do we do it? Why do we push day-after-day, year-after-year to further develop and improve our guitar technique?

We do it because good technique enables us to play the guitar beautifully, in a way that stirs powerful and meaningful emotions in our ourselves and our audience.

Today I’m teaching how to think beyond simply what notes you’re playing, but instead to focus on how you play them!

To play the guitar beautifully, you need to focus on your tone, legato, and musicality. Good tone for classical guitar or fingerstyle guitar all comes down to the fundamental motion of how you approach and pluck the string. We’ll talk about all that and more today!

After watching today’s video, you’ll have actionable tips you can immediately apply to your playing to make it so much more beautiful. Watch it, apply it, and go make people cry….. in a good way!

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