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How To Play “Harp Harmonics” On Guitar

Harp harmonics create such a beautiful and ethereal sound, but they baffled me for years. It’s one of those techniques that, when you’re listening to it, it’s hard to tell what the guitarist is really doing to produce that specific sound.

Frankly, they intimidated me until I finally decided to stop making excuses and tackle them for myself.

Today I’m showing you how to play harp harmonics by breaking down the simple process I used to learn them in only 2 days.

The beauty of this process is that it takes what seems like a really complicated technique, and breaks it down into 4 very manageable steps.

As mentioned in the video, you can watch Tommy Emmanuel’s lesson on harp harmonics here, and Ted Greene’s harp harmonic resources can be found here.

What’s something that you’ve wanted to learn on the guitar for years, but have been too intimidated to try, or don’t know where to begin? Let me know in a comment below. Much love!

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