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How To Practice “Perfectly” And Eliminate Mistakes

Nothing is more frustrating than practice with no progress…

What if I told you there was a recipe for practice that guaranteed steady progress?

Sounds gimmicky, I know, but there truly is a proven approach to practice that yields consistent results and enables you to play your pieces the way you want to play them, in a fraction of the time.

It all comes down to specifically how you handle mistakes in your practice. Are you constantly reacting to your mistakes? You make a mistake, you fix it… another mistake, fix it… This is a vicious cycle and is a horribly inefficient way to practice!

Today I’m sharing a far better approach to practice that teaches you to stop reacting to your mistakes and, instead, enables you to prevent them altogether.

What is your practice routine when it comes to learning a new piece? Do you just jump right in or do you have a more methodical approach? Let me know in a comment below. Much love!

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