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My Student FIXED My Guitar Arrangement

One of my students has been practicing my "Ancient Stones" arrangement from the video game Skyrim and, because he was struggling to reach a certain stretch - he made a really creative (and honestly suprising) change to the arrangement.

I think part of him was nervous that I wouldn't like him making changes to my arrangement...

But when I saw what he did, I couldn't help but laugh - because it legitimately made my arrangement better and made me question why I hadn't thought of playing it that way!

Today's video is slightly different... I decided to do a reaction video to my old Ancient Stones music video, give you some helpful tips about arranging and guitar technique along the way, and show you how my student improved my own arrangement.

This is an excellent lesson in creativity and the value of exploring different fingering options in your arrangements. And we can have some laughs making fun of myself along the way! :)


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